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Swisscom Magazine interview with Gerd

Fear vs Caution – AI, and the future of technology

FLAVIAN CAJACOB: ‘Mr Leonhard, does the future scare you?’

GERD: ‘Not me personally, no. I’m an optimist. But I know, of course, that not everyone is able to share my optimism and that fear of the future is a huge issue out there in the real world. In the last two years, automation and digitalization have caused many people to think that the future will not be good or will even be terrible!’ Read more

Watch Gerd’s short video, below, on why ‘The Future is better than we think’ and how to develop a more positive view of the future

The digitization obsession

FLAVIAN CAJACOB: ‘Mr Leonhard, is digital change a change for the good?”

GERD: ‘Fundamentally, yes. However, the problem with digitalisation is that we often take it too far. For example, if Facebook plans to extend internet connectivity on the African continent by using drones, at first there is no reason to object. But you can be sure that ultimately it will be used more for monitoring people than for connecting remote regions to the internet.’ Read more

Keep the Humans in the Loop!

FLAVIAN CAJACOB: ‘Mr Leonhard, how often have you personally become ‘evil’?’

GERD: ‘The temptation and the offers, they are out there. Fortunately, I work independently and am in a position to turn requests down. There are companies and organisations that could offer me so much money for my services – but on principle I don’t provide them with my expertise.’ Read more

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