the author really did his research and has amazing ideas. MAKE an audio

From: Amazon Customer | 02. Apr 2017
must read, the author really did his research and has amazing ideas.
MAKE an audio version

A must read to understand the opportunities and challenges of the future

From: B. Marion | 18. Mar 2017
This book is a must read if you want to understand the challenges of the exponential development of technology. Unlike most other futurists Gerd Leonhard starts a conversation about what we should and what we should not do with technology. This book will help shape a global debate on the purpose and ethics of technology—and the ethics of those who invent and provide it.

Gerd Leonhard suggests that we define some basic ground rules for the coming machine age by determining which technologies, if applied, will most likely promote human flourishing and should therefore be pursued, and which technologies will not. He says that we must also ask the “when, why, and who” questions more often, and we also need to think about who would actually control compliance with those rules.

Awesome book, massively important!

From: Yfke | 01. Feb 2017
I can't stress enough how immensely important this book is. Gerd represents what he stands for: a human being intending to stay human amidst machines. Using technology as a mere tool to human flourishing, not to become it. Highly recommend this book!

Thoughtful, provocative and urgent work

From: CA Dude | 23. Jan 2017
This should be required reading for policymakers and anyone who wants to understand the unprecedented existential shifts humanity is rapidly moving towards. My spouse and high-school children are now reading it so that together we all can discuss the potential patterns and choice points that we all face. Hope over fear.

Team Human is the only option

From: Glenn | 16. Jan 2017
The author really opened up my eyes. I am a data scientist and have considered the areas he addresses in terms of nefarious AI and such but not to the degree he covers here. Although I think his timeline is somewhat abbreviated for the possibilities of machine world domination, I think those put forward by Kurzweil are probable. We need to resist technology for the sake of technology and inject ethics and common sense into the equation. Human Happiness must always be the reason for a new technology or product.

A valuable view into the into our deeply provocative future

From: MusicTech | 11. Jan 2017
This is an awesome book. I love the tactical near future books (like Kevin Kelly's The Inevitable...) but this is a different kettle of fish. Gerd brings to the front issues that do not get discussed enough - particularly around policy decisions that software is making while we are not paying attention (or pretend that they are just algorithms and not controllable). Technology vs Humanity is an extremely valuable view into the into our deep and deeply provocative future.

Five Stars

From: Vic | 05. Jan 2017
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From: Tor-Arne | 04. Jan 2017
The book helped me reflect upon my own relationship with technology and if it is hindering our human potential flourish or not. I guess time will tell!

Five Stars

From: Paola | 02. Jan 2017
Great book, current. A must read for parents if they are concerned about their and their kids' future.

Five Stars

From: David | 12. Dec 2016
Relevant today and informative.

A must read books when you want to understand the ...

From: Customer | 17. Nov 2016
A must read books when you want to understand the intersection about technology and humanity in the future and how we as human can control the future. Challeging and provoking the way you think about the future as well...

The question no one asks and should

From: Alan | 16. Nov 2016
I recently heard a businessman cynically say, "but no one asks that question where I come from". My reflection on this was, but perhaps the question no one asks, is the one, we should in fact all be asking. Gerd, has been asking the important questions for some time now. and as he says, he is a 'nowist' not a futurologist. My recommendation is to read Technology vs. Humanity and consider the one question you are not asking, and perhaps should. It is my own view we need more beauty in this world - beautiful businesses, beautiful technologies, that not only enhances our humanity, but is, transformative to people's everyday lives. Humanity is the interface with technology and not the other way around. Technology should serve us all in a very human way.

An Important and Timely Debate

From: Douglas | 14. Nov 2016
As a futurist I can attest to the notion that we, as humans, have a tendency to either anthropomorphize and romanticize technology or to demonize it and point to its ill effects. At once, we are becoming increasingly tethered to technology and the empowerment it provides but at the same time, lamenting that dependence and the negative side effects it has on us and our society. As with most things, the truth about both the promises and perils of technology lies somewhere in between.

It's within this rich ground that Gerd Leonhard has staked out an important debate. Technology vs Humanity is a balanced and urgent examination of exponential and transformative nature of technology while calling out its potential for unintended and far reaching consequences for humanity. Gerd implores us to appreciate what technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence and human augmentation can potentially do for society, but to do so with eyes wide open, recognizing that we must also develop a new social and ethical contract to ensure that it is we who control our relationship with such technologies and not the other way around.

Amazing book (again) - think you know Tech? learn about free-reign AI Tech and what happens if humans don't build its framework

From: Francois | 14. Nov 2016
Another amazing book by Gerd Leonhard. Must-read if you THINK you understand what's happening right now in the world of Tech and behind the highly guarded, closed doors of Silicon Valley's Tech labs. Their next move is (truly) awesome and life-changing, but it is also utterly clear that we arevvnot prepared, at all, for what's to come, and most of us have no clue what we're engaging with / committing to.

The strongest argument made, in my view, is the one that all humans, by birth, have a default set of rights granted to them in the Declaration of Human Rights (I know, many countries still dont abide by it, but most do), so killing, stealing, torture, freedom of expression and movement etc are covered and universally endorsed.
Except online.
Web services are defined and provided by a set of commercial rules (usually defined by a tech founder, not a lawyer or humanist) focused on profit generation and rights to re-use data you create. And now machines are given the keys to all services, yet who's telling them what's right and wrong, what's fair and unfair, what's against the 'universal rights' of us, humans?

Gerd's " new human rights for the Digital Age " will make you think about how, and when, Tech must be abiding by a set of rules that humans value, not what code can do at our own cost.

It was a great education with better understanding of the

From: Tomasina | 01. Nov 2016
It was a great education with better understanding of the issue

Incredible book... very interesting and very enlightening ...

From: EDUARDO VALENCIA R | 19. Oct 2016
Incredible book...very interesting and very enlightening.

This Gives you a Clear Picture of the Future!

From: Fabrizion | 12. Oct 2016
This is a great book about the future. This is not only about technology but also about humanity. There is so much technology can and will do for mankind but things like emotions can't be replicated by a robot...or can it?

This is a book every young person and not so young person should read. it gives you a clear idea of the professions of the future.

Highly recommended!

In a world obsessed with technological progress, we need to consider consequences NOW

From: FuturistA | 11. Oct 2016
While everyone else is gung ho about technology and its potential to enhance humans and society, this book is a bit like the voice of reason telling us to slow down and really consider what we're doing before the exponential nature of technological change overwhelms us. It's an essential guidebook on what we must do now in order to maintain our humanity and not become the machine in the coming years.

Fantastic overview of our future with technology

From: Amazon Customer | 06. Oct 2016
I just got the book and had to read it nearly all in one evening. It is so well structured and written that you get a perfect overview of all subjects concerning future of technology and us. I think thats a fantastic book for everybody who is interested in these matters....who isn't? Greg. President Tertsa GmbH

Highly recommended

We had Gerd with the world premiere of The Future Show Live. It was an amazing unique multimedia immersive experience and Gerd was a super engaging futurist speaking in tweetable quotes every two minutes. The imagery was stunning and created an almost cinematographic experience. The concept of keynote re-invented. Highly recommended.

Think for yourself

From: Tim | 05. Oct 2016
Beware: the Singularity is near! Singularity being defined, in the words of the legendary computer scientist John von Neumann, as “the moment beyond which "technological progress will become incomprehensively rapid and complicated."

And the pace is picking up. Never mind Moore’s law and its often predicted “end”, at least as far as silicon chips go. In fact, we are now experiencing exponential growth in many other parts of our lives, too.. “Deep learning”, neural networking and cognitive computing are rewriting the rules in the game between mankind and machine. 20 years ago IBM’s Deep Blue first managed to beat the human chess master Gary Kasparov. In 2016, Google’s DeepMind beat Lee Se-dol, the world champion at the Chinese game of Go. Go is hugely more complex than chess. In fact it’s said to be the hardest game in the world, with some 2.08 times 10^170 possible moves; that’s a number with 171 digits; more possible moves than there are atoms in the universe.

Google’s DeepMind managed to do this without being programmed: it essentially taught itself the game. A great example when we consider how ‘humanly sustainable’ these technologies will or won’t be in the future. Or, as Gerd Leonhard writes: “Self-learning computers are not very likely to tolerate human inefficiencies just because we are used to them...

A Welcome Rebuttal Of The Hype From The Singularity Crowd

From: Jonathan | 12. Sep 2016
Technology vs. Humanity is a lovely response to the puffed up declarations from Silicon Valley executives that their businesses aren't just delivering products that people enjoy, but are bringing salvation itself to humanity. Author Gerd Leonhard has done the startup thing. He knows the culture, including its vanities, but he doesn't respond to the digital fundamentalism of Singularity believers with a luddite fundamentalism of his own. Leonhard gives digital technology it's due - it can help people to make some important social improvements. All that Leonhard is calling for is a balanced approach to the consideration of new technologies, with equal consideration of the value of human experience alongside the value of computational efficiency.

This book is a solid first stab at a response to the irresponsibly disruptive culture of get rich quick silicon schemes, but it's not without flaws. For one thing, the author's compelling central argument is weakened by the book's inflated sense of urgency. Leonhard exaggerates the degree to which digital devices have already become integrated into our society, describing a degree of algorithmic infiltration that aptly describes the aspirations of tech executives and enthusiasts but sounds silly to people who keep their feet planted outside the rarified bubbles in certain parts of San Francisco and Seattle.

"As far as man-machine convergence is concerned, we’re not quite in a land where we stay at home while our cyborg doubles live out our lives for us," Leonhard writes. Actually, we're not at all close to this mythical land. There's a big difference between the theory of how new technologies could transform our society and what's actually taking place.

Another vulnerability of the book is that...

On Team Human

From: John | 25. Sep 2016
WOW, one of the best books I have read! This was/is such a thought provoking topic that I started seeing all the other news articles about AI, robotics, etc. everywhere I turned. This entire segment of the world fascinates me and I really want to get deeper into these topics.

I feel some of these changes are coming even faster than what is in the book. Self driving 18 wheelers are already being test in the field. a consortium of companies has come to together to try and think thru so many topics this book calls out are in desperate need before or technology jump the curve and we can no longer control it. I really love the hashtag #hellven (blend of hell/heaven).

There are so many topics in this book that are all interconnected, but Gerd does a tremendous job of not burying anything with techno jargon and his use of Oppenheimer, Greek terms and quotes from other authors/scientists, etc. really drives his points home. It is sometimes overwhelming how fast technology continues to advance, but Gerd does a tremendous job of calling out topics that REALLY need to start being discussed.

LOVE these items:
- Precaution vs. Proaction
- 5 new human rights for the Digital Age
- Nine suggested principles
- seven essential questions to ask

This books has definitely made me re-think some decisions, like Google's new AI Allo, I downloaded it last week and then I started seeing articles about it and before I even used it once, I deleted it. I am excited to continue to follow this space and Gerd to see how well we can shape or future for the better.

MUST READ book about the future of technology and humanity

From: Rudy | 12. Sep 2016
MUST READ book for every business owner, executive, politician, engineer, scientist, doctor, designer, architect, producer, artist, or anyone who cares for our humanity and who believes we can create a better world using technology, and not be used by it. Gerd writes about the dramatic changes technology has brought to us and the exponential trends coming to us the next 2-3 decades. He documents in detail about the impact of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Robotics, Genetics, Digital Transformation, the Automation of Everything and Virtual Reality will have on us. Most important, Gerd invites us to think and take action about the ethical challenges we face as humans in the coming clash between man and machine.This book is right on time, Gerd hands us the topics we all need to think about in order to act responsibly in the future using technology to become more human.

Essential perspectives on how humanity, ethics, values and people can...

From: Jens | 10. Sep 2016
Essential perspectives on how humanity, ethics, values and people can remain centre stage in a future of technology dominance. Gerd Leonhard is very successfully bringing humanity into the centre of the exponential technology development that we are right in the middle of. He brilliantly discuss some of the polarities and dilemmas that are right in front of us as citizens, politicians, entrepreneurs, business leaders, parents. Everyone that is concerned with how we bring humanity forward in the age of robotics, automation, internet of things, big data, etc. can benefit from the deep insights that Gerd Leonhard so richly is sharing in his 2016 book Technology vs. Humanity. Closely connected to the sound development and transformation of global business leadership myself I give Technology vs. Humanity my warmest recommendations.

Critical Questions for Future Leaders

From: Anton | 10. Sep 2016
As we head at speed into a new, exponential, smart machine enabled and exciting future we do need to ponder critically the big new questions that this new era for humans raises! Gerd Leonhard artfully takes us on a journey of discovery of our new challenges, new risks and new frameworks to derisk life and business against the excitement of its exponential opportunities! This book is a must read for any leader... In any leadership position, anywhere!

Great stuff, Gerd

From: Steve | 03. Oct 2016
Everyone should read this book and really think hard about how digital one wishes to become. Do NOT order this as an eBook, or you've admitted you've already gone to the dark side. Great stuff, Gerd.

Thought provoking read! Highly recommended

From: Grant | 02. Oct 2016
Thought provoking read about how technology will shape our world and lives. We will abdicate to technology or will we control our destiny by holding those human virtues as our guiding light. Highly recommended to any technologist or futurist who wants a glimpse into our potential future.

Great summary about the future

From: Bertalan | 01. Oct 2016
Great summary about where we are heading due to the technological tsunami coming towards us. It focuses a lot on ethical questions and how society could react to disruptive technologies.

Thought provoking and challenging critical thinking.

From: Customer | 29. Sep 2016
Many books wrap people in discussions and arguments about the future of humanity as technology becomes pervasive. Gerd does a really great job of framing the challenges and considerations in the world and pushes us towards ways we can retain our humanity. An essential read!

A provocative lens through which to look at the future

From: Kelli | 24. Sep 2016
I've known and worked closely with Gerd Leonhard over many years. As ever, Gerd offers fresh thinking and informed insights regarding his views on what we need to be aware of as humanity and technology edge ever closer together. Technology moves at a very rapid pace, and it's important to pause and reflect on the implications of our capabilities relative to choices that humans may be better equipped to make vs machines. Gerd's observations are thought-provoking and controversial, but whether you agree with them or not, they're important to consider. Definitely worth a read.

Think and act exponential with digital ethic

From: Customer | 23. Sep 2016
We are living an amazing disruptive and digital transformation time, plenty of challlanges and benefits ahead, so it is essential to identify the digital ethics and the future of business! Leonhard book is clear, practical, useful, entertain and very helpful to persue thoughts and a dialogue for those issues. Humans are the most important element to shape the digital economy

Excellent book! A must-read for all humans.

From: Michael | 21. Sep 2016
This was an excellent read! Gerd tackles our future in technology with a mindfulness and respect that sets a good example for humanity as a whole. Many concepts are covered in this read, including (but not limited to) the Singularity, #HellVen (read more to find out!), and how we are at the pivot point of an explosion in technological advancements. He reminds the reader that just because we can do something, does not mean that we should. I highly recommend this book to all humans, and perhaps we should input his ideas into our machines so we retain some essence of what it is to be human.

How can we develop ourselves along with technology rather than becoming pawns or slaves?

From: John C. | 14. Sep 2016
With his unique and varied experience researching and talking about technology the world over, futurist Gerd Leonhard shares his insights with us and what we can expect of the future. His prognosis is neither doomsday nor euphoric, but rather he implores us to take the future into our own hands. While most authors either warn us of the impending dangers or preach salvation, Leonhard reminds us that we have a voice, a choice and can act in our own best interests. He is urging us to save humanity from becoming completely digitised and taken over by processors.

Ultimately, he is asking us to define what it means to be human, what are our best human qualities, and how can we develop ourselves along with technology rather than becoming pawns or slaves to those who control technology be it human or machine?

Gerd focuses on balance

From: Frank | 11. Sep 2016
Finally, someone calls for balance. Gerd does a great job of focusing on the unintended consequences of our exponential rise, while at the same time remaining mindful of the positive impact on society that this rise can have.His call for dialog is both refreshing and timely. He does not just point to the issues, but he primes the pump of dialog with his own thoughts and conversation starters. Well done sir.