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Mr Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Author and Chief Executive Officer of the Futures Agency, flashed this screen capture of a mobile app to illustrate his point:


Mr Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Author and Chief Executive Officer of the Futures Agency: Technology has no ethics.

“Technology has no ethics”. But human societies depend on ethics, he said. So this is the great puzzle of the digital age: “How can we build a society on technology? We have to use technology, but not become technology.”

In his presentation on “The Next Five Years in Global Digital Transformation” at the recent Infocomm Media Business Exchange (imbX) 2016, Mr Leonhard noted that there has been an exponential increase in connectivity, data, intelligence and man-machine convergence.

“The mobile phone is your external brain… We are on the verge of changing how we interact with computers.” “Voice control is becoming the new normal,” he said, citing examples like Apples’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. “Rather than typing, we will be speaking to our computers.”  This is just two years away from being mass market, and it will be the biggest shift in human computer interface since the mobile phone…. READ MORE

Author: Gerd Leonhard

In the words of American poet John Berryman, “the possibility that has been overlooked is the future”. Most of us are far too busy coping with present challenges to explore the future in any depth – and when we do our own cravings and fears often run away with us, resulting in utopias or dystopias that are not very helpful in terms of planning and decisions. Today’s professionals, leaders and their organisations need a dedicated, passionate long-term understanding of the future if they are to successfully navigate the exponential waves of change. For countless individuals and organizations that intelligence is called Gerd Leonhard.


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