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How to think like a futurist.

Glen Hiemstra, founder of, explains what he looks at when spotting trends and how to see the future. In this 30-minute podcast interview, Glen discusses the 3-part filter he uses to judge the future likelihood of a particular development.

The podcast is part of the Popular Mechanics longer series How Your World Works. There you can access the full interview on iTunes, titled “How to tell the future.”

Featured Image Source:   “The Tube Train”, linocut by Cyril Power (1934)

Author: Rudy de Waele

Rudy de Waele is a futurist, innovation strategist, keynote speaker, content curator and author. He assists global brands and startups with cutting edge open innovation strategy using new methodologies to re-invent and transform business. His unparalleled experience, knowledge and insight, propels leaders to stay ahead of the curve. Rudy specialises in giving technology trend forecasts, analysis and ideas exchange on how to thrive in the new economy and by facilitating Socratic Design workshops on how to create meaningful business.

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