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Leadership and talent are crucial elements for business success. The latest edition of Cluster Day Barcelona 2023, held on September 21 at the World Trade Center, highlights the figure of the leader and featured Gerd Leonhard, an expert in effective leadership and CEO of The Futures Agency.

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Watch Gerd’s latest film, LookUpNow (on AI and the Future of Humanity), Dubbed in CATALAN (experimental AI dub provided by Rask.ai)

Leonhard believes that the priorities that used to be based on growth have changed, and it is now necessary to build new structures to create a “good future scenario”.

Cultural assets are also a big plus for Catalonia and Barcelona, according to Leonhard: “Barcelona is unique because the cultural factor is unique. That is what Barcelona has to protect. It has always felt like it was moving forward”.

Watch the edited version in English and the Spanish dubbed version below, or listen to Gerd’s presentation on SoundCloud.

Some important milestones of the presentation (click on the time code to watch).

  • 02:12 – The next 10 years will bring more change than the previous 100 years – 6 kingmakers.
  • 06:49 – Why we need wise leadership, not just more technology.
  • 28:03 – The Three Revolutions: digital, sustainability and purpose.
  • 46:45 – Logic alone is not enough – machines don’t understand real life (yet)

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