What are androrithms?

One of the powerful key memes from the Technology vs Humanity book are androrithms. Gerd Leonhard in his own words: This is a key neologism in the book (i.e. a word I made up). I use the term to describe what really matters for most of us: human ‘rhythms’ not machine rhythms i.e. algorithms. A super-computer can win in … Continue reading "What are androrithms?"

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Will humanity need its own protection agency? Scenes and slides from the Technology vs Humanity book launch event in London

Thanks everyone for coming to this event – here is what happened :)) The actual slide deck from last night (PDF): technology-versus-humanity-futurist The book is now available in all formats, of course: buy now before it’s too late:) Amazon | FastFuture Publishing) A gallery of my key slides: Some pics from the event: Best of my slides: Technology vs … Continue reading "Will humanity need its own protection agency? Scenes and slides from the Technology vs Humanity book launch event in London"

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Democratising algorithms

It may seem a surprise but the original data accountability standard was set by president Richard Nixon in the Fair Credit Reporting Act in 1970. Nixon – not otherwise known for his commitment to transparency,  included the right for citizens to examine and challenge the data used to make algorithmic decisions about them. Meanwhile, algorithms have become ubiquitous in … Continue reading "Democratising algorithms"

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Facebook is eating the world: a good read on algorithms vs what I like call Androrithms

“The majority of American adults are Facebook users, and the majority of those users regularly get some kind of news from Facebook, which according to Pew Research Center data, means that around 40 percent of US adults overall consider Facebook a source of news.

So let’s recap:

People are increasingly using their smartphones for everything.
They do it mostly through apps, and in particular social and messaging apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Twitter.
The competition to become such an app is intense. Competitive advantage for platforms relies on being able to keep your users within an app. The more your users are within your app, the more you know about them, the more that information can then be used to sell advertising, the higher your revenues”

Facebook is eating the world
via Instapaper

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